Suzuki Motor Corp and its engineers have decided to come out with the truth due to a scandal that has been spreading through the automotive engineering world. The car maker divulged details that led to certain discrepancies in fuel efficiency reporting, indicating that the company had not abided to Japanese guidelines, and rather worked around them. 

  • All 16 vehicles currently available used data that did not accurately report emissions through the correct processes leading to improper testing. The improper testing affects 2.1 million cars. Instead of using the proper coasting test of the entire car, individual parts of the car were tested and factored into the final reports. 
  • They used the air-tunnel on single parts of the car and reported it as if it was the full car that had gone through the air tunnel tests
  • The issues they are admitting to are subject ONLY to cars manufactured in Japan 

"The company apologizes for the fact that we did not follow the rules set by the country.," said Chief Executive of Suzuki, Osamu Suzuki. 

At Mitsubishi, the President of the company, Tetsuro Aikawa, has taken responsibility for their scandal and stepped down from his position. 

However, now that Suzuki is testing the vehicles in accordance with Japanese guidelines, the company says all of their efficiency is in order.

"Any wrongdoing, such as manipulation of fuel efficiency data, were not found," Suzuki said to the media. During the briefing, Suzuki's shares fell by 9%. 

It seems that Suzuki will emerge better off on the back of this scandal than companies such as Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. However, there is still time for more carmakers to come out of the woodwork and admit to fuel efficiency data manipulation. 

Source: Reuters 


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