Google has released a preview of what they have been busy with in the world of virtual reality. The video shows two artists using a virtual landscape as their canvas and create with the brush that equips them with the tools to create artworks. 

On the website TiltBrush, there are more detailed views of what the software actually looks like the inside of the VR goggles. There are dynamic brushes that can paint a plethora of weird and wonderful looking things in the virtual world. Saving of snapshots looks fairly simple so that you can show a 2D representation of what you have been painting but can always launch back into the 3D world of your paintings. You can literally walk around your painting. 

Credit: HTC

The TiltBrush is already conditioned to work with the HTC Vive and its controllers. You can read the set-up guide of how to use the HTC Vive to utilize Google TiltBrush with this handy pdf.  

Another prerequisite is that Steam is required, so it seems that is the official app store they are launching the app to right now. The app is an impressive look into how software engineers will factor into the future of developing apps for virtual reality purposes. 



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