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Steve has worked mainly in the industrial automation and data communications fields throughout Australia, Europe, Africa and North America for the past 30 years. Although perhaps initially greeted with some scepticism, he pioneered the application of new technologies such as industrial data communications systems with great success.

He has been responsible for activities ranging from detailed hardware and software design for control systems to the management of the design, installation and commissioning of complex control systems in industries such as power, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas and petrochemical.

Steve has also presented numerous courses world-wide on industrial data communications, data acquisition and process control and the impact of new technologies on instrumentation and control to over 18,000 engineers and technicians, and has a particular interest in practical and leading edge aspects of engineering practice. He has had 25 of his books (3 of them of which he was a co-author and the remainder for which he has acted as editor) being accepted for publication by Elsevier throughout the world on aspects of engineering. He has recently been elected a Fellow of the Australian Institution of Engineers in recognition of his work in engineering worldwide. In between his engineering activities - consultancy, training and publishing; he is currently working on software allowing real time collaboration and training between engineering professionals located at different locations throughout the world.

He is a professional engineer and has gained a PhD, BSc(Electrical Engineering), BSc(Hons) in Physics, an MBA and a Masters of Management Research. He is currently Technical Director with IDC Technologies, a growing engineering training and publishing firm operating from offices throughout the world which he founded in 1992. When not working he enjoys being with his lovely wife and two children, reading historical novels, drinking good red wine and travelling to remote locations.

Whether you like or not – we are all in a feverish state of learning new things. Whether it is to learn how to use a new process at work or how to use the Windows operating system or how to handle a new automated torque wrench – we are all learning. Particularly in engineering there are a...

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When we have a moment to reflect, I suspect we sometimes wonder whether our sign offs on our emails are appropriate or a little bit tired. Perhaps not? Naturally at the end of your email message, you should avoid lengthy quotes, massive corporate logos and a brief signature.

I also wonder...

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Today, as engineering professionals, information technology and software skills are generally a key part of our skill set. Whether it is only using Word and spreadsheets, troubleshooting an errant industrial automation system or specifying the requirements for a new PLC and SCADA system –...

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Increasingly job interviews are being conducted over the phone and indeed, Skype, as this allows for a reasonably effective version of video conferencing. Skype is a great way to meet up with people far away and it is also convenient and quick, even for a meeting a few blocks across town...

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The New Year has been well and truly launched. Do you stick to your New Year's resolutions? Apparently only 14% of people do - especially in relation to their occupations.
Peter Drucker, the famous management guru, remarked that first of all we need to set our sights higher when it comes to...

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Ten million British jobs could be taken over by computers and robots over the next 20 years, wiping out more than one in three roles. Thus says The Telegraph newspaper; naturally using inflammatory rhetoric to excite comment.
One can clearly see low-paid repetitive jobs disappearing at a rapid...

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